#1  A Fun Way to Lower Your Stress Level and Raise Your Energy

Seems like in the last few years, a lot of us have spent 3 to 9 days on the couch recovering from one of the nasty viruses going about.

Recently, I had my turn. There I was limp on my couch for the 4th day in a row. Taken down by a nasty virus that left me with no energy. Did you catch that one too?

I stared listlessly at my painting-in-progress with no inspiration to pick up a brush. The many books I had piled up beside me, that I sincerely wanted to read, awoke no interest.

Back to Netflix or, a nap?

No way around a nasty virus, only through it.

Then, about the 5th day, a friend brought me her delicious chicken soup and a book, “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.” I found I could read it easily and really enjoyed it, distracted from my misery. There are many subtle layers to his story. Charles Mackesy’s drawings intrigued and inspired me.

I picked up a drawing pad and a couple of pens and started playing, copying his lively lines, learning how to manipulate the pen and brush as he does. Time passed. I felt more like myself. After venturing into creative play, my recovery grew less tiresome. My energy and spirits rose.

Creativity won over the blues of too-long illness!

Playing is often a way-in whenever we feel lost or stuck, unable to create. Playing gives us pleasure, energy follows. Creative play is not about doing it right and exists far, far away from the cloud of perfectionism.

It does not matter how you play, or with what. Playing with an instrument or your voice. Playing with movement, as kicking up your heels to a favorite song. Playing with words, writing a nonsense poem, or a funny story. Playing with a recipe in the kitchen, creating a pink desert. Playing with colors, as children do with coloring and paints.

As adults, we often feel the pressure to achieve, to accomplish our goals, to succeed.

We seldom think of allowing ourselves the time to play creatively. We often believe we can’t possibly take the time.

Yet, creative play actually gives us more space and energy, lifts our spirits, lightens our day. A sense of more time follows.

Try it! Come away for a short break and play! Do you dare give yourself a mini vacation from your to-do list? Only talking about ten-twenty minutes here!

Turn on that music that always makes you want to move, pick up a pen or paint brush and doodle, sing out a song, whip up some cookies, pick up your guitar in the corner.

This short break could lead to your taking another small step, perhaps one that could change your life for the better. You could pick up some new guitar strings, order a sketch pad and pens online, pick up your journal and ease back into your writing practice, check out a dance class at the gym. Endless possibilities!

What do you want to play today?

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