#2 Who gets to be creative? You do!

Many people mistakenly believe that creativity is some esoteric practice, the right to be creative given to only a chosen few.

For example, there is the belief that if one “can’t draw a straight line” then they cannot possibly do anything creative with a pencil, a pen or a brush. But in reality crooked, spiraling, circling lines are far more interesting than straight ones.

Try a little experiment.

Draw a straight line. ( yep, you can use a ruler!)….

Now draw a crooked, circling, spiraling line….

Which was more fun to make? Which looks more interesting?

In Wikipedia, “creativity” is defined as “forming something new and somehow valuable. The created item may be an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition, or a joke.”

That leaves us a lot of space!

Have you done something creative today? Had a new thought? Planned and prepared a meal, (it turned out delicious, by the way!)

Perhaps you worked on a business proposal.

Did you take a photo of your pet with your phone?

Have you told a joke?

So much of what we do each day includes using our creative energy. We may take for granted that we can come up with an idea, and make something new and tangible out of our thoughts. Not even considering ourselves as being creative.

We constantly have the choice to engage our creative energy or not.

I can work on a painting all day. If I simply go through the motions, I might have a painting at the end of the day. But when I really look at it, perhaps the next morning, I find it is lacking something vital.

We have all had the experience of trying to read a book but find we can’t get into it. It doesn’t engage our curiosity or interest, not spark our imagination.

Or, we can write a business email using our imagination (our creative energy) and not only enjoy writing it but receive a positive response from our colleague.

In this world where practicality reigns supreme, creative energy is often buried under the more practical concerns of “real life” or duty.

It is a fact, creative energy is an integral part of each one of us. If buried, it can be unburied with some care and attention. Search for and find this sparkling gem hidden away in those dusty corners. It is there, waiting for you. Like a true gem, it will grow brighter with polishing!

How to begin?

Simply set the intention, feel the desire to be creative and start in small, simple ways. Acknowledge and appreciate yourself when you recognize you just did, said, or wrote something creative.

When we choose to truly engage ourselves and our imagination in whatever we are doing – from painting, to writing a story, an email, (or a blog!), to cooking an inspired meal, – we are using our creative energy and sharing it with others. This is the gift we can all give.

A challenge for you! If you play with these ideas and start to notice you are seeing or feeling something different in you or your life, send me an email and share your experience. I would be so pleased to hear from you and to share your creativity!

If this article speaks to you, I appreciate your thoughts and comments, simply email me at art@rhaeamaurel.com.