Private Lessons


In learning to Throw on the Potter’s Wheel, we will start with learning to center the clay, and practice making simple cylinders. Then the student can start to create mugs and vases. Throwing on the wheel takes patience and practice. There is a feeling of elation when the clay begins to take the form you envision. After mastering the simpler forms, the student can explore more challenging forms as bowls and plates.


Hand-building techniques are versatile and creative. You can work with coils, slabs or press molds.  There are endless possibilities, from mindfully created pinch pots, to small slab boxes for treasures, to a sculpture of a favorite bird or animal. Your imagination can fly!

Glazing includes more than painting a single glaze on a pot. Learning to work with the glazes and how they interact with each other to create beautiful colors takes some practice. Other glaze techniques as Sgraffito and Majolica, are both ancient techniques that give unique results.

Where: In my studio in Monterey.

Class Fees: include clay, glazes, and use of studio tools.

Private Lessons: This is an opportunity for you to enjoy a great experience. With private instruction, my students gain the skills more easily and quickly. I offer lessons in four week sessions, each lesson is two hours in length. In the two hours I will work closely with you, helping you develop the skills for each stage of throwing. The fee for a private lesson is $80.  Additional practice hours: $30 per hour. Lessons are geared for your level of experience from a new beginner to advanced.

Semi-Private Lessons: You can share learning the skill of throwing clay on the wheel with a friend or someone special. I offer lessons in four week sessions, each lesson is two hours in length. In the two hour class, I will work closely with each of you, helping you develop the skills for each stage of throwing. The fee for a semi-private lesson is $70 each. Additional practice hours: $30 per hour each.

Firing costs are based on the amount of space used in the electric kiln.

I will be in the studio for help and support during practice hours.

Painting and Drawing

The class will be geared to your level of experience and knowledge. You may be returning to Painting or Drawing after some time. Or you may desire to explore playing with lines, form and color for the first time. It is my belief, that the playing is critical to re-connecting to your Creativity and allowing your imagination to flow.


Mindful Drawing will include the basic concepts of traditional drawing as design and composition. It will also include a way of drawing that teaches us how to see. Drawing can be a form of meditating on an object, allowing your eyes and hand to work in harmony to put marks on the paper representing not only what you see, but also what you feel about the subject.

Painting As Process. We simply start with paper, brushes and tempera paint, and the willingness to take a risk. When children paint, they allow themselves the freedom to invent and play with colors and shapes. We do likewise. By learning to listen to our inner impulses, our Creative Intuition, we begin to express ourselves more freely. We can let go of those old limiting beliefs and rules that have stopped us from playing with our Creativity.

Once one re-connects to that “still, small voice within,” it is a simple matter to move to other media as acrylic, oils or watercolor.

Painting will be a pleasurable experience again!

Where: In my studio in Monterey.

Class Fees: Will include paper, tempera paints and use of studio pencils, and brushes, etc. Does not include acrylic, oil or watercolor paints. Students can bring their own favorite brushes, pens, pencils.

Private Lesson: $80 for a two hour class.

Semi-private Lesson: $60 each for two participants in a two hour class. $50 each for three participants.

Getting Started

Contact me at … We can discuss what you are wanting and your level of experience. We can schedule an introductory meeting to introduce you to me, my studio…and my dog Shanti who considers herself an important member of the team! I look forward to meeting you.