I have learned with practice that drawing is …an act of listening and seeing.

Drawing has always been one of my passions. When I am drawing, the rest of the world disappears and the subject I am drawing enters into a “conversation” with me. I simply  maintain my focus and enjoy the process!

I execute my drawings in pencil and charcoal. Each time I begin a new drawing or sketch, I am faced with the challenge of capturing the essence of my subject onto the paper. I have learned with practice, that drawing is not an act of will, but rather an act of listening and seeing.


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Because of my love of dogs, cats and all animals, I find great pleasure in creating portraits of pets, both drawings and sculptures. I appreciate interacting with people and their animals, sharing each other’s lives and loves.

Years ago, Ani, my Black lab/Akida mix was my first inspiration. One day as she lay napping in my studio, I sketched her. Then, a small clay sculpture followed. Over time I did so many drawings and sculptures of her, she would sigh, get up and move to another spot when she saw me begin to work. A reluctant model!