Ceramic Sculptures

“There is a spirit of play in sculpting clay that infuses the finished piece.”

Ever since I first started working with clay so many years ago, I have been drawn to its sculptural possibilities.

While creating a sculpture, I find my hands work in partnership with the clay, forming, smoothing and adding finishing touches that bring the piece alive. This process is different from the experience of throwing clay on a wheel, centering and bringing it up into a form. Both start with a lump of unformed earth. In both, I must get out of the way and let my hands listen and respond to the clay, as the clay responds to my hands.

There is a spirit of play in sculpting clay that infuses the finished piece.


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“When I am working on a sculpture in clay, my hands, not my mind, find the touches that bring the sculpture to life.”

Recently I am working on a series of sculptures using both the pottery wheel and hand-building techniques. These pieces are growing out of my interest in myths and prehistoric art. They are arising out of my sub-conscious, echoing the mystery of art and time.

Because of my love of dogs, cats and all animals, I find great pleasure in creating portraits of pets, both drawings and sculptures.

“My goal is to capture the unique relationship between my subjects and their person.”

I enjoy interacting with people and the animals with whom they share their lives and love. I can meet and interact with you and your pet in person, sketching and taking photos. Or, when that is not possible, I can work from your photos, and communicate with you via emails and phone. Of course, we will listen to any suggestions from the main subject!