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Rhaea in her Studio in Monterey
with Shanti close by, somewhat interested
“Clay is responsive, forgiving and fun. What more can one ask of a relationship?”

I “discovered” clay in college, and although I have worked with different media through my years as a practicing artist, I always return to the clay. Clay is responsive, forgiving and fun. What more can one ask of a relationship?

Today, I create clay sculptures, some incorporating clay and wood. My wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery serve as a three-dimensional canvases for color, light and playfulness. My sculptures and drawings of dogs reflect my love of animals. Drawing in charcoal and pastels give me another path in my creative exploration.

In studying the mystery of Creativity, I have explored Expressive Arts and Psychology. This education and training gave me a deeper understanding of myself and the Creative Process. Learn More…

“One supreme fact which I have discovered is that it is not willpower but imagination that creates.”

~ Richard Wagner, Composer

I agree with Wagner, it is our imaginative powers that create. I find great satisfaction and fun in supporting clients and students in expanding their imaginations, creating new visions of what is possible for them in their lives. Learn More…

I am pleased to announce that a number of local Galleries are now exhibiting my work. Nature’s Bounty in Carmel is one, please see the list of Exhibiting Galleries.