Ceramic Boxes

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“…holding the mystery of what is inside.”

I am fascinated by the idea of a box, a container, especially when it is not the expected square – cornered.

I like the idea of creating a beautiful object to look at, while holding the mystery of what is inside, perhaps a favorite thing.

Many of my ceramic boxes are a continuation of my exploration of the sphere. There is something about the spherical shape that intrigues and challenges me. The technical requirements to create a sphere that opens is even more challenging. How to make the transition between the top and the bottom? I try different ideas.

These boxes give me room to play, to create with colors, by adding objects from nature, and by carving designs into their surfaces.

I used the sgraffito technique on some of these boxes. This is a process, where I throw the piece on the wheel, and then after it sets up to “leather hard,” I apply a fine slip to the surface. I then carve the design into the slip. The process reminds me of Woodcuts. The carving requires me to focus and go slowly, for there is no correcting of mistakes. I enjoy using my drawing skills with the carving. The Sgraffito technique is an ancient one.